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Game Facts:

Solar Ride was manufactured by Gottlieb in 1979.  Two versions of Solar Ride were released, an Electro-Mechanical version and a Solid State Version.  There were 365 of the EM versions produced and 8,800 of the Solid State versions produced.

My Game:

Well, actually mine is sitting in the garage right now!  I jumped on a RGP post that had one listed for around $200 within an hour's drive.  And supposedly it even worked!  I can't pass up a working machine for that price, so I emailed the seller as fast as I could.  I received a response about 2 hours later with 3 photos attached and the fact that I could pick it up the next day.

I headed out in the rain the next day and meet a very nice fellow who had a basement full of mostly late 70s Bally EMs!  What a beautiful collection!  We fired up the Solar Ride and it did indeed play, but it doesn't score and the drop targets keep resetting.  But the machine is in awesome shape for a 22 year old pinball, so in the truck it went.

Update - Its now about 6 months later and I have come to the conclusion that Gottlieb System One games are not for me.  I did get Solar Ride working (a few bad transistors on the driver board) and have recently sold it (February 2002).  Here are some photos I took before the sale:






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